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The Blue Drake Tavern

Not every new adventurer is certain of the path that led them to the Blue Drake Tavern. Some even have claimed the world they knew is not the one outside the door. It matters not to Big Jim Paunch, the tavernkeep, so long as they meet any bills going forward.

The main room, in which most journeyers find themselves, contains a well-stocked bar, many table and benches scattered about in no obvious pattern, a hearth with several cushioned chairs and couches ringing it. At the back of the room is a well-stocked bar and a door that lets Big Jim and his wife Greta into a kitchen and possibly other rooms.

Beside the door from outside sits a large rack obviously meant for weapon storage, a massive hammer resting at the far end. At the far opposite side of the room a stairwell curves upward, allowing access to a large number of private rooms available to those wishing to remain in town at a modest price.

Windows, commonly shuttered in the winter and open in the summer, allow visitors to look out upon a town they soon learn is called Sheerness or through the branches of a few straggly trees. Between one pair of windows rests a large notice board upon which the latest available jobs are pinned.

Seldom is the tavern completely empty, though the townsfolk that come and go vary. The largest crowds appear at mealtimes, Greta’s cooking more than worth the price.

Main Page

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